I will look into an abandoned house close to multiple bus lines. The house will be gutted to the studs, and massive renovation will be done to rebuild the house. There are a couple of reasons for an abandoned house. First, such houses are an eye sore. By buying one, I reduce the number of eye sores by one. Second, I want to make the home a Net Zero Energy Home. This means the home produces as much if not more energy than consumed. To do that, quality insulation has to be installed which means the house needs to be gutted. There is no point in paying $150,000 for a home only to gut it.

The home will have all new electrical, plumbing, and communications. A new roof will be installed to outfit solar panels (which will generate electricity). The gas line will be capped which means no gas bill. For communications, there will be RG6 Coaxial for television (Over the Air Antenna), and Cat 7 RJ45 for networking, and telephony (through an ATA). A wifi access point will be located on every floor.

The home will have Nest Protect Smoke Detectors that will be connected to the house’s electrical system. A residential fire sprinkler system will protect the house in case of a fire. An elevator will be installed so I can remain in the home during my senior years, or if I should end up in a wheelchair.