With such a large sum, I will lose my SSI (Income), Medicaid (Insurance), Food Stamps, and Section-8 (Rental Assistance). In addition, I will lose my CAP (Utility Assistance), and Lifeline (Phone assistance). With a consideration of $2,500,000 – I shouldn’t qualify for these resources. However, with me not being able to work – I still need income. If I was to draw directly from the $2,500,000 – it would only last 33 years. This is where the investment will come in.

I will generate $5,000 (Net) per month which will replace all of the resources I would lose. It provides an income which will allow me to get comparable health insurance. It would give me more money to eat, and eat healthier. With the purchase of a house, I will not have any rent, or mortgage. I will obviously pay full price for my utilities, and phone service.